Charta creates and publishes open source know-how about off-grid photovoltaic systems. We cover all aspects of design and manufacturing with a power range from 1-100 W. Applications range from indoor and outdoor lighting to computers and entertainment systems.

We are a comunity of people who are fascinated by the possibilites of renewable energies, who believe in the open source philosophy and who want to change the world by making electricity affordable, renewable, understandable and usable for everyone worldwide. By everyone we want to include the billions of people living from 1-2 USD a day.

Our approach is to run the project as a social business. This implies that it is financially self-sufficient with specific social, ethical and environmental goals: education, sharing of know-how, fulfillment of basic needs and the promotion of renewable and sustainable energy and light generation. Success for us is measured in the impact towards these goals.

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