Build an open source LED lamp from a beverage can

Download the instructions:

OpensourceLightFromCan_V0.2_EN (English)

OpensourceLightFromCan_V0.2_DE (German)

All components are available for sale as a kit at a low price. Please send me an Email if you are interested.
Creative Commons License
Open Source LED lighting with a can by Moritz von Buttlar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

28C3: talk about renewable energies

There will be a talk about hacking and renewable energy generation at the 28C3 congress by Gunnar Thöle and Joerg Duerre on the 28th of december in Berlin, . Usually the talks are live-streamed over the internet and also available for download later on. At the last CCC camp I gave a talk about similar things and now I’m looking forward to see in which direction other people are working.
See you there, Moritz

Mailing lists

the main communication channel for everyone who wants to help with this project are the new mailing lists which you can subscribe to at the following address:

The developers list

is intended for people who want to actively improve the system whereas the announcement list

is intended as a low traffic list for people who want to get regular updates.


Here’s an interesting video from RSA Animate and Sir Ken Robinson about education and learning systems. That’s what we would also like to change: the myth-based barriers between academic, entrepreneur and hands-on oriented people which prevents the surfacing of new solutions by out-of-the box thinking.

RSA Animate – Changing Education Paradigms

One way of doing that is to develop solutions together and by sharing information. This is possible with open source product development.